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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Think and always be POSITIVE !

Hello y'alls !
For this entry, I dont want to like to share about me, but I want to share to you all about us.
Maybe you wonder why this title was chosen for this entry.
The answer is, before we start doing things we should think positively that things look easy despite the fact that it is not.
No matter what happens in the future, we must be prepared to think positively and act positively.

~ We must never give up before we fight or start doing things even though it is new or old stuff ~

It must be remembered! Before we start something, we must plan the best on the matter. After that, we also need to think about the worst possible place on a matter so that we can be ready to face any eventuality occur.

But we must not succumb no matter what's going to happen in the future. Therefore, I would like to remind you all, we must think positively before starting something.

If we fail did not mean that we fail forever, as long as we are still alive, we must continue the struggle until the end! From there, we will succeed one day.

Remember friends, people who fail are those who do not strive after they have all failed, and those who succeed are people who are constantly improving every failure they had done before.

Hopefully this entries can give you some positive feeling within yourself.
Thank you for this time, order that we along again in the further entries.
Thanks to all readers ...
Willing, please give us your comments friends.


  1. betul tu.. macam salo cakap, sebelum buat apa2 fikir dlu segala kemungkinannya.. tapi kan, macam ss sendiri, agak sukar utk jadikan diri kita positif selalu.. hmm.. azam tahun ni nak jadi positif la! hehe

    1. yang penting azam dan kekuatan fizikal tu.niat perlu baik.insyaAllah sitisafiyyah boleh mempositifkan diri ke arah yang lebih baik.amiin =)

  2. must continue the struggle until the end!<<< sangat agree and think positive have to be consistent. Without consistency people always be demotivated :(

    1. thanks for you supportive...
      kita perlu teruskan berusaha, tinggalkan sifat negatif supaya kita tidak ketinggalan dibelakang...
      Btw,thanks againt =)


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