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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tidur Lena atau Bangun Bertaubat ?!

A wonderful thing when we enjoy it.
Give a satisfaction to the people.
But do you know
over sleep is a bad thing!

Something that very difficult for us to accept
when we wake up from sleep,
Sometimes made us felt angry when this happens.
But do you know
awakened from sleep in the early morning
is a good thing for you!

Because the woke up,
Your have the opportunity to face Allah,
To repent, wishes and supplications to Allah,
and this time is the most nice to us!

continue sleeping if you do not want this valuable opportunity! ~

Do not idle when we woke up from sleep at dawn,
Because Allah gives us a real opportunity
for us with Allah in this nice time.
Thank Allah because we are
still awake and able to apply for
repentance and the wish of
Allah the One True God!

Realise friend, that awakened from sleeping
is more enjoyable than to sleep without waking up!
InsyaAllah, we are all blessed by Allah.
Happy Mawlid to all from Jokeonsalo!

Thank for this entry.

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